If you enjoy funnies, then March is the month for you. Of the 15 films reviewed here, 9 of them fall under the comedy classification. Among those that looked good to me were Fugitive Hunter and TheLightkeepers. Dramas that caught my attention were Green Zone, The Killing Container and Repo Guys. And of course there's an entry or 2 in the household … Read More

If you work from house and you are brand-new or old to this, you have actually started to recognize that there are a great deal of things catching and diverting your attention away from the work you should be doing. It would be so easy for me to do this because I have a lot of really cool "toys" in my house that I never get to play with because I w… Read More

Unless you only cook using a microwave, you most likely have most, if not all of the equipment you need to start grilling. It isn't something so strange that you need extremely specialized tooling to provide it a shot.A single product barely makes a dress, and an ensemble is the fashion of the day. We string a few words, include a turn of expressio… Read More

Many people think about loss of hair as a part of getting old. That is among the reasons we hate it a lot. Who wishes to look or get old? Youths can have loss of hair issues as well as older people. It is much more difficult for somebody under 30 to handle a loss of hair issue than for somebody over 60. Women can also have loss of hair issues, whic… Read More

Bermuda is a great, close-by holiday destination for those of us residing on the east coast. Air travel here is usually cheaper than to the Bahamas or the Caribbean which leaves you more cash to invest in a fantastic resort. The Elbow Beach Club Resort in Paget Parish, Bermuda is just that. This resort is a member of the 5 Star Alliance and is one … Read More